Release details

The Радио Tapes playlist is composed of audio tracks, that we have been recording on magnetic tape since the foundation of our manufacture. During these years we have produced lots of releases of various genres and styles from Russia and beyond. We have decided to share this music with you in a radio format.

The mission of this project is to introduce the listeners to the unexplored landscape of the past days’ cultural life, to music that usually cannot be heard on usual streaming platforms.

We do not sell tape releases, the materials are intended for presentation purposes, search the Internet for more information on albums and artists you’re interested in.

The tracks are reproduced in MP3 format, the order of tracks is random, the “Next” button will bring you to the next release. Also track positioning with slide and setting output volume is possible. The radio works in background on a smartphone or in a separate browser tab/window on a PC.

The radio is working in test mode. Please inform us if you have any problems with the tracks’ playback or information display.