Audio cassette production in St. Petersburg. You can read more about our services here. Answers to popular questions concerning our activities are collected in the FAQ section.

SALE, and SALE again! Yellow (1337) and seawave cassettes (1064) for the same price with discount of 40% and more! Select these tapes in the calculator and make your order.
Also we'll make on-body pad printing with discount of 50%, only 1000RUR for any print run! The sales are valid until the end of May, hurry up!


  (more than 5 panels — upon request)

* Tape length is calculated as the length of the longer side multiplied by 2. Thus, if the longest side of the master record is 30 min, a C-60 cassette (60 min total length = 30 min * 2) is required.


Audio cassette production and duplication

Audio cassette production and duplication