Audio cassette production in St. Petersburg. You can read more about our services here. Answers to popular questions concerning our activities are collected in the FAQ section.



  (minimum print run is 20 copies)
  (more than 5 panels — upon request)

* Tape length is calculated as the length of the longer side multiplied by 2. Thus, if the longest side of the master record is 30 min, a C-60 cassette (60 min total length = 30 min * 2) is required.

** ModoKing KL-HX — new brand of magnetic tape by a Chinese manufacturer. Similar to Panarec by frequency response and peak level. Maximum cassette length is 94 minutes (C-94).
AMPS — tape from a Chinese manufacturer, having lower peak record level (-3dB) and, accordingly, lesser signal/noise ratio. Maximum cassette length is 71 minute (C-71).


Audio cassette production and duplication

Audio cassette production and duplication


​How much does an audio cassette cost?

Cassette tape cost depends on order quantity and desired magnetic tape length. To the cost of the run will be added duplication service, storage boxes and printing options costs, if any of those needed.

Can I order only 1 cassette?

Our minimum order quantity is 20 copies. However, we can produce less quantities, but the price of each piece will be higher. Contact us for details.

Can I order a Britney Spears audio cassette?

We work only with copyright holders. If you have no rights for the musiсal work you want to record to the cassette for your personal collection, we can offer blank cassettes of necessary lengths for home duplication.

How to make an order?

Choose desired colors of audio cassettes and storage cases, define the packaging (printing services) you want to add to your cassette run. Order cost can be checked using our calculator. Choose: cassette tapes color, if duplication is needed, tape length, run quantity, storage boxes color, then desired printing services and if cellophane wrapping is needed. Then push “Count” and/or “Order”. In the ordering form mention your e-mail address and optionally your additional information, push “Send!”. Wait for our reply. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

How can I pay for my order?

We start production after we receive payment. Because of the war and sanctions, there are two options left for receiving payment from outside Russia - Bitcoin and Golden Crown transfer.

How long is turnaround time?

Turnaround time is up to 3 weeks after receiving payment and all the necessary files. Actually it depends on the working load and printing options included. Blank cassette orders with no printed packaging are usually ready for shipping within one week.

What shipping options are available?

Unfortunately, because of the war and sanctions, foreign shipping is not possible.

How do I determine tape length for my cassette?

Music cassette has two sides. Thus, your master program has to be distributed in two approximately equal parts (or in the way artistic conception tells to). Length of the cassette is determined by the longest part the following way: (part length * 2). Mind pauses between tracks when calculating length. Example: side A program = 19 min 45 sec, side B program = 19 min 37 sec. Cassette length = (19:45 * 2) = 39:30 = 39 min 30 sec = 39,5 min = C-39.30

What is the maximum cassette length?

For the magnetic tape we use, maximum cassette length can be 94 minutes (C-94) or two sides 47 minutes each.

Do you have Type 2 chrome tape?

Unfortunately, there are no Type 2 magnetic tape manufacturers in the world now.

What file format should I use to send a master program for cassette duplication?

The best option for master files is wav PCM 44,1kHz, 16bit. Other file types can also be processed, discuss this with our managers. We expect you to send us two files, one for each side of the cassette. You can also send us separate tracks, mentioning track sequence and sides which tracks belong to, but we will charge you for tracks joining.

How to choose the right sticker layout?

We use different sticker formats for different compact cassette types. Cassette tape shells may be joined with screws or welded. Mostly, audio cassettes with screws have narrower places for stickers than welded cassettes. Cassette codes for narrow (classic) sticker (90mm wide) are ***1, ***5, ***7 (e.g. 3231, 6665 or 4347). Wide sticker (96mm wide) fits cassette shells with ***2, ***6 codes (e.g. 9696 or 3432). Beyond that, for some clear cassettes (codes ***7 and ***6) stickers with round holes can be used. They cover space between cassette reels where most often technological windows are found. For on-body pad-printing you can use the same principles for choosing the right layout. For cassettes with codes ***7 and ***6 spaces between reels can be overprinted.

What format should I use to send printing layouts?

Preferable file format for printing layouts is PDF. Read FAQs in the Printing section of our site for hints on how to make layouts properly. You can find layouts for different printed packaging there.