Audio cassette production in St. Petersburg. You can read more about our services here. Answers to popular questions concerning our activities are collected in the FAQ section.



  (minimum print run is 20 copies)
  (more than 5 panels — upon request)

* Tape length is calculated as the length of the longer side multiplied by 2. Thus, if the longest side of the master record is 30 min, a C-60 cassette (60 min total length = 30 min * 2) is required.

** ModoKing KL-HX — new brand of magnetic tape by a Chinese manufacturer. Similar to Panarec by frequency response and peak level. Maximum cassette length is 94 minutes (C-94).
ECP — BASF technology tape with good frequency response and high record level. Maximum cassette length is 74 minutes (C-74).
AMPS — tape from a Chinese manufacturer, having lower peak record level (-3dB) and, accordingly, lesser signal/noise ratio. Maximum cassette length is 71 minute (C-71).


Audio cassette production and duplication

Audio cassette production and duplication

About us

We are TAPES, an audio cassette manufacturer from Saint-Petersburg, Russia (known as GoTape before 2021). We offer high-quality duplicated and blank cassette tapes of custom lengths, loop cassettes, range of norelco boxes and all imaginable printing services:

Also, we make cellophane wrapping and we can discuss and design custom printed packaging for your releases.

Minimum order quantity is 20 copies (1 item for loop cassettes).

Turnaround time is up to 4 weeks.

Payment and delivery information you can find here.

How to make an order?

Use the calculator on our site to check prices for the desired options, then push Order, fill in required fields and push Send!.

Or you can write to us directly in email or social networks, our contacts can be found here.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.