Audio cassette production in St. Petersburg. You can read more about our services here. Answers to popular questions concerning our activities are collected in the FAQ section.


  (more than 5 panels — upon request)

* Tape length is calculated as the length of the longer side multiplied by 2. Thus, if the longest side of the master record is 30 min, a C-60 cassette (60 min total length = 30 min * 2) is required.


Audio cassette production and duplication

Audio cassette production and duplication

Printing: Slipcases (O-card)

Slipcase (O-card) is a cardboard cover for the cassette itself or for the cassette box. Cassette slipcase serves as a box and a cover, and box slipcase is an additional design element. O-cards are printed on 300 g/m² cardboard with matt or gloss lamination or on touchcover paper. Normally they have one-sided printing, but we can also print on the inner side.


  1. Color scheme: CMYK.
  2. Preferred resolution 300 dpi or more.
  3. Fonts should be embedded - rasterized or outlined.
  4. Trim and folding marks must be vector lines placed in separate layer. In case you don't know how to do this, just delete those lines.
  5. Bleed area should be 3 mm each side.
  6. Text and significant elements should be placed at least 2 mm inside the cut line.
  7. Preferable file format is PDF.


Cardboard slipcase for cassette box

Cardboard slipcase for cassette boxes with codes ***2

Cardboard slipcase for cassette


300 g/m2 paper with mat or glossy lamination:

from 50 pcs 30—49 pcs 20—29 pcs 10—19 pcs 5—9 pcs
one-sided printing 67 75 91 150 250
two-sided printing 100 113 127 195 300

Soft touch lamination:

from 50 pcs 30—49 pcs 20—29 pcs 10—19 pcs 5—9 pcs
one-sided printing 77 85 101 160 260
two-sided printing 120 133 147 215 320